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Seniors & Caregivers

There are 44 million caregivers in the United States and 64% of those are employed full time.

The added stress and responsibilities of being a working caregiver may lead to decreased productivity, absenteeism and even employee turnover. Many employees arrive late, leave early, and take extended breaks to tend to caregiving needs. Typically, workers are present but distracted, as phone calls, appointments and follow-up usually must occur during working hours.

Americans are Living Longer, Working Longer

According to research, most aging employees expect to stop working for pay at the age of 70 or after. 62% of aging Baby Boomers wish they had handled things differently for this stage of life.



How can caring for your family member affect you?

Stress/Exhaustion | Tardiness/Abenteeism | Lack of Focus | Physical Illness

Middle-aged workers provide the majority of care to older, frail, disabled or chronically ill relatives.

Once caregiving has started, 62% of caregiviers say that they make some of workplace accommodations such as going in late, leaving early taking a leave of absence or dropping back to part-time hours.

Our one-call approach puts you in touch with services you need in assisting loved ones and planning for you future needs.

We offer you unlimited access to our experts in the senior arena. We will guide you through situations that are new and unfamiliar to you concerning eldercare needs and planning.

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